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Where To Stay In Seoul For £40 Per Night

If you are travelling to Korea and wondering where to stay in Seoul for cheap, it may be tough to locate an economical option. However, it shouldn’t be!

There are numerous locations to stay in Korea that are quite affordable after a night out at the bars in Itaewon Seoul or the many cocktail bar Hongdae. Here are a variety of accommodations that should be affordable for almost everybody.

As of 17 July 2022, £50 GBP is equivalent to around 63,000 won.


Approximately 10,000 won per night

People with even a passing familiarity with Korea recognise this inexpensive lodging. In case you were unaware, jjimjilbang is a Korean-style sauna where individuals sit in extremely hot rooms and perspire. You can watch television, consume food and drink, and otherwise unwind. People become so calm that jjimjilbangs offer rates for overnight stays that are often less than 10,000 won. If it is a particularly good jjimjilbang, it may cost an additional 1,000 won or so. Yo… “luxury” for an additional few thousand won? Yea!

Jjimjilbangs are excellent one-night accommodations in Seoul (or anywhere else in Korea). Because you must sleep on the floor in a room with a large number of strangers, most people probably won’t want to stay longer than that (some who love epic snoring). However, it is likely the most affordable area to stay in Korea. A locker, showers, sauna, free television, computer access (for an additional 500 won), and a yoga mat are provided for 10,000 won. Fantastic for one-night stays, but definitely not for anything longer.


Approximately 18,000 won

Guesthouses in Seoul provide the same services as guesthouses around the world, including Wi-Fi, television, and laundry facilities. If you’re seeking for an inexpensive somewhere to stay in Seoul, both dormitory-style and private rooms are often available for less than $50 per night. You can’t do better than that. Some Korean guesthouses are in fact housed in traditional Korean homes, replete with ondol (floor heating). Some even include a traditional South Korean breakfast to complete the typical inn experience.

The majority of Seoul’s guesthouses are located north of the Han River. The majority of Seoul’s tourist attractions are located north of the river, in the more traditional section of the city, and there is generally more to do for tourists north of the river.

Hongdae, Myeongdong, and Insadong are renowned tourist destinations with numerous guesthouses placed in close proximity to one another. It may be challenging to find a guesthouse in Gangnam (south of the Han River).

Yeogwan (Lower Tier Motels)

Approximately 20,000 won per night

Yeogwans are Korean style motels. These hotels are not the most modern or cleanest places to stay because they are often located in older structures. This is an alternative choice for individuals visiting to Korea on a budget who do not wish to stay in a guesthouse. This is another option to consider if you are looking for a place to stay in Seoul, as they are situated throughout Korea and do not require bookings. In many yeogwans, you have the option of sleeping on the floor with Korean-style blankets on top of ondol, which is a traditional Korean mattress (Korean-style floor heating system). As though you were in the 1970s!

However, a word of caution: these motels can occasionally be quite shady. Yeogwans have a somewhat shady reputation as… well, you know how in the movies people go to shady motels to do numerous sins? You won’t be murdered or anything, but… roughly speaking.

These are excellent possibilities for domestic travel in Korea. They are available everywhere, are inexpensive, and do not require reservations.

If you are staying for more than one night, many yeogwans will be willing to negotiate pricing.

(These are typically not marketed on the Internet. These motels typically rely on walk-in business, so you can acquire a room by simply walking in.

Motels (Formerly Love Motels)

where to stay in Seoul for cheap
Approximately 40,000 won per night

The proprietors of motels have eliminated the “love” from “love motel.” And despite the fact that you may be hesitant to stay in a place that was historically known as a “shack,” you shouldn’t rule out motels as a place to stay in Seoul because many of them are quite wonderful! Occasionally they are nicer than their more pricey relatives (hotels). Many include entertainment alternatives such as video games, jacuzzis, computers, karaoke machines, and large flat-screen televisions, and some have bizarre themes such as “Inca Sun” and “Fairytale World.” It is a substantial upgrade from yeogwans for only a small premium. These are wonderful options for budget-friendly accommodations in Seoul.

Similar to yeogwans, these can be found all throughout Korea. Nevertheless, some require reservations. These may not be listed on English-language websites, so enlist the aid of a Korean acquaintance if possible.

Many of these remain highly functional as love motels (hourly rates). Be sure to inquire upfront about the possibility of a longer stay (keeping your belongings in the room and without needing to check in and out).

If you find a motel that can accommodate you during your vacation to Korea, you may be able to negotiate the price depending on the length of your stay. Let us know if you find any other price friendly places to stay in Seoul.

James Yeong
James Yeong

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