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Hangang Space-out Comp Returns To Han River

After a two-year hiatus, the Hangang Space-out Competition is making a comeback to the Han River banks.

The winner of the Sept. 4 competition will be deemed the “most stable” while gazing off into space for a period of 90 minutes.

The tournament, which is being held by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in partnership with the event’s creator, Woopsyang, wants to dispel the myth that taking time off is a waste of time by demonstrating the calming benefits of doing nothing.

Participants can witness the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain this year in particular at Jamsu Bridge, which is now only open to pedestrians.

During the competition, competitors are not allowed to eat, sleep, or speak. Instead, kids can use a coloured card—red for a massage when they’re feeling drowsy, blue for water, yellow for a fan, and black for various needs—to indicate what they need.

The public’s vote and heart rate statistics, which are collected every 15 minutes, will be used to choose the top three competitors. Extra points will be awarded to those whose heart rates are constant or gradually declining.

There will be a total of 50 teams selected for the competition, with a limit of three competitors per team. Age, gender, and occupation will be taken into consideration, along with the contestants’ reasons for entering.

Applications for the Space-out Competition are accepted through Sunday on its official website, Instagram, and Facebook.

Due to the epidemic, the competitions in 2020 and 2021 were cancelled.

James Yeong
James Yeong

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