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How To Survive The Cold Korean Winter

How To Survive The Cold Korean Winter

If you’re planning on spending any time in Korea this winter, you’ll need to have a good idea of what to bring. Whether you’re looking for tips advice on keeping warm while you’re on the move in Seoul, or just general advice on how to survive the temperature (-19°Celsius weather), we’ve got you covered.

With all of the different products and services available in South Korea, here are some essential items that should be brought with you wherever you go:

how to survive the cold Korean winter

Using heating utilities while visiting or residing in Korea can be highly expensive, especially if you own a home in Korea. Those days are long gone, as new technology has enabled us to create cheaper heating solutions. Here are a few ways to keep warm throughout your stay in Korea, both inside and outside your home.

Heating Systems

How To Survive The Cold Korean Winter

The majority of apartments and studios in Korea are heated with ondol heating, or floor heating. In Korea, unlike in many other nations where heat is pushed out of a vent, floors are heated from below by a network of pipes. These pipes are then heated and distributed uniformly throughout the residence. The method underlying ondol heating combines gas and electricity.

You can also purchase a portable space heater and quit wasting money on heating costs. In fact, these bad boys are literally lifesaving. They cost between 30,000W – 75,000W (35USD – 75USD) for a single unit, and depending on the size of the heater, they can adequately heat a large space. This is the ideal choice for nighttime when you are sleeping or if you spend the majority of your time in one room of the house.

Use Hand Warmers

How To Survive The Cold Korean Winter

These hand warmers can be used for HOURS. If you wish to use these hot packs again after they have lost their heat, you may often reactivate them for a couple of hours. These hot packs are a popular option for individuals who need a portable heater on the go. In an effort to conserve energy and avert widespread blackouts, the government has said in recent years that all private and public office buildings must not exceed 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) in temperature. Due to this issue, the demand for hot packs skyrocketed, and consequently, the industry began selling them like hotcakes! These have become a popular option among the homeless and even Korean celebrities.

Koreans ingeniously use these hot packs to warm other parts of their bodies, despite the fact that they are primarily intended for the hands.

Wear Pajamas

How To Survive The Cold Korean Winter

If you utilise your home heating system sparingly, you will likely need to wear additional layers to be warm. Investing in some pyjamas is a fantastic way to stay warm in style while being comfy.

Even if you are only moderately familiar with K-pop media, you will be aware that many Koreans wear animal pyjamas. However, if you are not! You may believe that they are inexpensive and poorly manufactured. You are in error! Since these adorable pyjamas are in such high demand in Korea and have become a part of Korean culture, they are inexpensive and constructed of high-quality material.

They are constructed from a blend of cotton and polyester to provide additional warmth and comfort. In addition, they are available in numerous forms, ranging from the most typical pyjamas for the legs to pyjama jackets and, of course, pyjamas in full animal print! Wearing a pair of Korean pyjamas is an excellent approach to avoid needing to re-energize your body in the morning.

Thermal Underwear

How To Survive The Cold Korean Winter

Thermal underwear is likely the greatest innovation ever. When the mercury bar on your thermometer falls below the minus sign, you know you’re in severe trouble. The least expensive method would be to purchase multiple pairs of thermal underwear. Frequently, discount businesses like Home Plus offer a 1+1 deal on an ongoing basis (buy one, get one free sort of deal). Sweet stuff! However, you should be aware that thermal undergarments in Korea are unlike conventional thermal undergarments.

Typically, they are only available in the colour RED. Prior to the existence of the world, the only hue immediately available for dying was red. The colour red was associated with good fortune and was worn as a form of protection against evil spirits. Consequently, thermal underwear is manufactured in this hue!

A vast number of individuals take public transportation to get to work, school, or anywhere; however, long durations of walking in cold weather might cause your legs to freeze. Wearing heated underwear significantly increases core body warmth and improves blood circulation. You may be quite grateful that you purchased a pair of red thermal underwear rather than incurring medical fees for the frostbite you got on your ankle because you made the foolish decision of not purchasing thermal underwear.

Feel free to share your winter warming ideas with me.

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