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Best Sports Bars In South Korea

South Korea A man enjoying a game of pool in a dimly lit room while traveling through South Korea.

Looking for the best sports bars in South Korea? South Korean sports bars can be a great place to enjoy some good Korean BBQ and drinks. The staff are friendly, and the atmosphere is always positive. It’s also a great…

How To Survive The Cold Korean Winter

South Korea A group of people in winter coats travelling in South Korea, crossing a street.

If you’re planning on spending any time in Korea this winter, you’ll need to have a good idea of what to bring. Whether you’re looking for tips advice on keeping warm while you’re on the move in Seoul, activities to…

Where To Stay In Seoul For £40 Per Night

South Korea A kitchen in South Korea with a ramen cup on the wall.

If you are travelling to Korea and wondering where to stay in Seoul for cheap, it may be tough to locate an economical option. However, it shouldn’t be! There are numerous locations to stay in Korea that are quite affordable…

Getting Into Teaching In South Korea

South Korea A woman smiling at a screen while traveling in South Korea.

Teaching in South Korea is a great option for educators who want to learn about and work in one of the world’s most advanced economies. South Koreans are some of the brightest, most informed and engaged citizens on the planet.…

Finding An Apartment In Seoul

South Korea A tall building in a city located in South Korea.

The apartment rental system in South Korea is particularly distinctive, which makes finding an apartment in Seoul potentially difficult. The first site that may come to mind is Craigslist Korea, which is wonderful for finding roommates, but the apartments advertised…

10 Tips For Living South Korea

South Korea A couple holding hands walking down a sidewalk in South Korea while travelling.

You can learn some fascinating, entertaining, and odd facts about Korean culture if you visit Korea. Additionally, you might see things that seem unusual in a cultural context and wonder, “Is this even normal?!” You need not look any further;…

Great Live Music Venues In Busan

South Korea A room in South Korea with a drum set and a microphone, perfect for music enthusiasts or those who love travelling to South Korea.

The independent music scene in Busan is flourishing. If you know where to look, there are plenty of live music evenings in the city since there are creative individuals everywhere. Here is our guide to Busan‘s top venues. A little-known…

South Korean Casinos And Gambling

South Korea A close up of a travel card for South Korea.

South Korean Casinos And Gambling itself is difficult in the country due to legislative restrictions. Citizens should be aware of where and how to gamble. In Korea, there are roughly 23 actual casinos, although only one permits South Korean residents…

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