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Best Korean Dating Site And Apps

South Korea A close-up of a couple holding hands while traveling in South Korea.

Looking for a foreigner-friendly Korean dating site? How can I find Korean men online? In search of the top Korean dating app? Or are you merely trying to find Korean pals online? Learn more about the top Korean dating websites…

What Is Pungsu-Jiri? Korean Feng Shui

South Korea A cozy living room in South Korea with wood floors and a fireplace, perfect for travelers exploring the country.

The ancient Korean custom of placing structures in favourable places, known as Pungsu jiri, was created in the ninth century by a Buddhist monk by the name of Master Doseon. This form of geomancy, which translates to “the study of…

What Is Chuseok: Koreas Harvest Festival

South Korea A group of people travelling in South Korea, sitting on a table during their South Korea travel journey.

Every autumn, thousands of Koreans travel home for Chuseok, a three-day festival of thanksgiving in which traditional Korean cuisine takes centre stage. We examine the customs surrounding this extraordinarily exceptional holiday, concentrating on the food and beverages consumed there. You…

Why Is South Korean Won So Cheap?

South Korea A close-up of South Korean currency.

Are you going to South Korea or are you sending money to loved ones back home? Wondering why is South Korean Won so. cheap? During morning trading July, the South Korean won fell below the 1,320-won threshold in relation to…

Do South Koreans Speak English?

South Korea Travelers holding umbrellas in the rain while travelling in South Korea.

Ever asked yourself ‘do South Koreans speak English’? Visiting another country, you want to order food, acquire directions, and ideally pick up some local knowledge. Even while the majority of European natives speak English well enough to be useful, what…

Is South Korea A Safe Country?

South Korea A police officer stands in front of a red door while travelling in South Korea.

When travelling abroad, safety is always a primary worry. Is South Korea safe though? Indeed it is! However, there are still a few things that future visitors and residents should be aware of. Here are eight safety precautions you should…

Best South Korean Gifts To Buy In 2022

South Korea A group of people travel in South Korea, walking on a street.

Whether your returning home from South Korea or just about to head out, you will want to acquire some cool South Korean gifts to bring back for your loved ones or as a great souvenir for yourself. Check out this…

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