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Korean Age Calculator

korean age calculator

Are you curious about your Korean age? The Korean Age system is different from the international age system, where a person’s age is calculated based on their birth year. In Korea, your age increases by one at the start of…

A Guide To South Korea’s Tea Culture

south Koreas tea culture

Welcome to South Korea, where tea is more than just a beverage – it is an integral part of the culture and way of life. From centuries-old traditions to modern twists on classic flavors, Korean tea has something for everyone.…

What Happens In Korean Military Service?

What Happens In Korean Military Service

Imagine the relentless, ear-shattering sound of your alarm clock at the break of dawn: you groggily open your eyes, knowing that an arduous day of rigorous training, following strict schedules, and testing your mental and physical limits lies ahead. This…

Gonjiam Asylum: The Reality

gonjiam asylum

Imagine stepping into a world of eerie silence, where the only sounds are your own heartbeat and the soft creaking of doors opening and closing, seemingly on their own. Where echoes of laughter and cries of despair from long-forgotten patients…

Top Flower Markets In Seoul

Top Flower Markets In Seoul

Looking for a vibrant and colorful experience in Seoul? Check out the city’s flower markets! From well-known spots like the Yangjae Flower Market to lesser-known gems like the Namdaemun Flower Market, there’s plenty to explore. Introduction to Seoul’s Flower Markets…

4th Generation Kpop Groups With The Most Show Wins

4th generation kpop

The 4th generation Kpop artists currently dominating the industry and making waves with their captivating performances and chart-topping hits are big news right now. These talented groups have been taking home prestigious awards from music shows, further solidifying their status…

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