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Do South Koreans Speak English?

Travelling South Korea|Do South Koreans Speak English?

Ever asked yourself ‘do South Koreans speak English’? Visiting another country, you want to order food, acquire directions, and ideally pick up some local knowledge. Even while the majority of European natives speak English well enough to be useful, what…

Is South Korea A Safe Country?

Travelling South Korea|Is South Korea A Safe Country?

When travelling abroad, safety is always a primary worry. Is South Korea safe though? Indeed it is! However, there are still a few things that future visitors and residents should be aware of. Here are eight safety precautions you should…

Best Sports Bars In South Korea

Travelling South Korea|Best Sports Bars In South Korea

Looking for the best sports bars in South Korea? South Korean sports bars can be a great place to enjoy some good Korean BBQ and drinks. The staff are friendly, and the atmosphere is always positive. It’s also a great…

Getting Into Teaching In South Korea

Travelling South Korea|Getting Into Teaching In South Korea

Teaching in South Korea is a great option for educators who want to learn about and work in one of the world’s most advanced economies. South Koreans are some of the brightest, most informed and engaged citizens on the planet.…

Finding An Apartment In Seoul

Travelling South Korea|Finding An Apartment In Seoul

The apartment rental system in South Korea is particularly distinctive, which makes finding an apartment in Seoul potentially difficult. The first site that may come to mind is Craigslist Korea, which is wonderful for finding roommates, but the apartments advertised…

10 Tips For Living South Korea

Travelling South Korea|10 Tips For Living South Korea

You can learn some fascinating, entertaining, and odd facts about Korean culture if you visit Korea. Additionally, you might see things that seem unusual in a cultural context and wonder, “Is this even normal?!” You need not look any further;…

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