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Yeontabal BBQ Restaurant, Seoul: A Review

The much talked about Yeontabal BBQ restaurant in Seoul is a tourists favourite. Check out our live review of this meat centric Seoul hot spot.

yeontabal bbq restaurant
35, Te He Ran-ro87-Gil, Seoul South Korea

What To Expect

・Tuck into juicy beef specialties at the prestigious Yeontabal in Seoul 
・Visit the Yeontabal branch that can suit your visit 
・Take advantage of various package options to accommodate your needs


Yeontabal has a neat atmosphere and specialises in meat and BBQ. tripe tastes especially good with yangchibap, which is rice stir-fried with radish kimchi. Situated on a busy road in central Seoul,

Some individuals took one look at the food in front of me at Yeontabal and shook their head. I did wonder if this was due to the masses of meat I had ordered sans the typical vegetable based main meals very famous in South Korea.

I am not certain those individuals appreciate the beauty in the way the food was presented and how it was subsequently prepared thereafter, in which case I’m disregarding the horrified looks on the ‘locals’

Grilled Korean BBQ

The sauced, and charred exterior of the grilled Korean BBQ gives way to practically melting fat, followed by tender flesh.
Barbecue obsessed, I’m always on the lookout for a beautifully cooked beef and/or wagyu and what was received here at Yeontabal BBQ was just that…both in fact.

The copper chimneys above each table and buffet style surroundings are to be ignored. This is the standard design for restaurants in South Korea. The goal of restaurant design is to not distract from what is being served. If you re distracted by this, move on to a rustic Kimchi bar.

The menu features everything from Korean BBQ, to traditional Korean hot pot to tripe…yes, cooked tripe presented beautifully to the table next to us that we ordered it too.

Premium Grilled Ox Tripe

The renowned marinated king beef ribs, were exceptional. The crisped, sauced, charred exterior yields to a thin coating of fat on the edge of melting, followed by tender flesh. The beef short rib that has been matured for 30 days is denser and more robust.

Not everything here was once alive. The vegetables have been charred and blistered by being cooked over coals. The dish is then topped with roasted cashews, chopped spring onions, and robust, forceful red miso, which complimented this type of meal. There were the standard drinks options available here along with some classics from South Korea.

Followed up by complimentary ice cream on a truly hot day made the experience all the better. A word has to be said for the super quick service. They served our food almost as if they were being timed. Our server, a young woman, was very accommodating and made sure we always had water/tea. The manager/supervisor was also superb, he recommended which meats we should try.

Unlike most restaurants, private rooms are available here for get-togethers. On the weekend, when they have fewer customers, they offer discounts so you can have an enjoyable meal and also take advantage of the lower prices. 


・Please note that the pictures are for reference only and the menu is subject to seasonality 
・Travelers may make orders at their own expenses 
・Please arrive at the restaurant 30 mins in advance, late arrivals (over 15 mins) will result in booking cancellation without refunds
・In the event of peak hours during weekends or holidays, travelers may be required to queue for a long time, please consider before booking
・Please select the restaurant you prefer to dine in when booking as the meal voucher can only be used at the corresponding restaurant

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