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What Are The Best Bars and Pubs In Hongdae 2024

Looking for the best bars in Hongdae? Hongdae Shopping Street is located approximately 5.2KM from Seoul, which makes a short trip there easy, but do consider staying in Hongdae for at least an afternoon or evening. At night, it is home to some of the top pubs and nightclubs. By day, it is a bustling retail centre with hip stores geared toward young people.

While Hongdae Walking Street has a stage where local bands play, Hongdae Mural Street (also known as Picasso’s Street) is covered in street art. At Hongdae Station, many tours of Seoul that involve walking, cycling, or even kayaking (on the Han River) start and end.

Near the Hongik University, in the Mapo District (Mapo-gu), is Hongdae. It is well known for being a hub for independent music, trend culture, and self-expression. The neighbourhood is said to have been shaped and influenced by the art students of Hongik University.

A History Of Hongdae

Hongdae, short for Hongik University (Hongik Daehakgyo) in Korean, is a general term for Seoul’s Seogyo-dong neighborhood, which serves as a centre for young creatives and underground culture.

The area is teeming with distinctive cafes, restaurants, boutiques, and clubs, as well as artist studios, cultural venues, and events that take place all year round. The district, which is crowded on weekends, can continue to be active far into sunrise the following day. Even though revellers abound, the true residents of Hongdae and those connected to Street H are aware that the neighbourhood is about more than just clubbing and decadence.

Many people travel to Hongdae because of its distinctive visual features. The streets of Hongdae are covered in numerous murals created by street artists. Hongdae Mural Street, popularly known as “Picasso’s Street,” is one of the well-known locations for these murals.

This street is going through gentrification, just as other multicultural metropolises. The street still has a reputation as the city’s top destination for indie bands, despite the recent boom of upscale brand stores that tempts artists to go toward the southern region near Hapjeong Station. Numerous live music venues and events gather concertgoers from a variety of tourists. The important K-pop agency YG Entertainment is also close by.

In addition to the independent art scene, Hongdae is home to independent clothing boutiques and vintage stores. There are also whimsical and quirky theme cafes with themed décor for people and animals. One of the coolest neighbourhoods in the globe in 2016 was Hongdae.

Best Bars In Hongdae

Whether you’re looking for a memorable spot to enjoy some drinks or want to explore all that Hongdae has, we have the recommendations for you. Read on to discover a selection of the best bars in Hongdae;

Mikes Cabin

A must-go-to bar in Hongdae is Mike’s Cabin because it is one of the most well-known places there. Both locals and visitors find it to be rather popular! Mike’s Cabin in Hongdae is the second location for the brand after the original branch in the neighbouring city of Sinchon.

You can party all night with a beverage in your hand and listen to a variety of popular music in this setting, from pop-rock to bassline. This area is obviously buzzing with enthusiasm because the dance floor is crowded with revellers!

With ping pong tables, dart boards, and simultaneously music, dancing, and a party, it’s a cross between a college bar and a club. The DJs are great and play all kinds of music, including salsa and reggaeton in addition to hip-hop and pop. There are visitors from all over the world, but because of the music selection, it’s easy to spot many Latinos. Prices are quite low (5000 won for a cocktail).

Directions: 94-13 Eoulmadang-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea


On Hongdae’s busiest party street, there is a tavern called Roppongi. There is often a large line outside of Roppongi. An area in Tokyo, Japan is called Roppongi. The location’s ambiance is Japanese-inspired, as suggested by its name. The interior of the wooden structure and the vibrant lights give the impression that you are in a bar in Tokyo.

In Hongdae, Roppongi is regarded as one of the best bars. It is popular among the locals and is frequently crowded with people. The restaurant’s atmosphere is inspired by Japanese culture, as suggested by its name. The wooden building’s rustic interior gives off the vibe of a bar in Tokyo, as do the bright lights.

There are many different types of food available, including fusion dishes from Korea and Japan. Here, the cuisine is excellent. To complement soju, we suggest the following Nagasaki broth. Visit Roppongi to feel the vibrancy of a Japanese little town.

Directions: 6 Jandari-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Noneun Zombie

Bar with a zombie motif – the bartender will even grab you while delivering you shots while dressed as a zombie!  Cool right?! Drinks and food must be ordered together, and the entire menu is zombie-themed.

All of the sudden, the lights go out, and with the terrifying sound of a siren, a number of zombies arrive out of nowhere while you enjoy one of their “Zombie shots.” They seize you, make prolonged eye contact with you, dance to a Big Bang tune, and then pour you a shot as you undoubtedly shudder in horror. Who wouldn’t want it, I suppose?

While I believe that I already experience enough dread in my life, Noneun Zombie might be a passable location to visit once if you like horror and don’t mind being grabbed by eerie-looking zombies. You need to wait at a table for a bit because the zombies won’t hang out in the pub; they’ll emerge when you least expect it.

The requirement to order food in addition to drinks may be a drawback, but the drinks are still reasonably priced, and the Bloody Zombie Chicken is actually not bad for fried chicken. Overall, and perhaps as expected, it is a location that obviously caters to gimmicks rather than offering a high-quality food. As a result, you’ll have an unusually thorough I.D. check when you enter Seoul. Around midnight, there is frequently a sizable line outside the pub, so if you want to avoid it, you might want to go before 10pm or after 1am. Would I return? Just let me mention that it took me quite a few more beers (at a different bar) to be able to chuckle once more.

Directions: 63 Wausan-ro, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Club Evans

Club Evans has been a fixture in the Hongdae neighbourhood for almost ten years and has long been known for its top-notch jazz performances. In fact, it is one of the most well-known jazz clubs in Seoul and is especially recommended to those who like to listen to live jazz music. Jazz musicians perform there on a monthly rotating basis.

There are many different types of beverages, from beer to soft drinks to cocktails. With entry costs ranging from 7,000 to 15,000 won and cocktail prices between 5,000 and 9,000 won, it’s a perfect spot to enjoy music and alcohol without breaking the bank. The location has a jam session every Monday and Tuesday. Visitors to the club are welcome to join any performing musician to form a trio or quartet for the evening.

Although the session may begin with a pretty disorganised combination of sounds, part of the beauty discovered at Club Evans is being able to see and appreciate how a harmony is developed throughout the course. Schedules can be found on the club website.

Directions: 407-3 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

ShamRock & Roll

It’s always a smart idea to get a beer at Shamrock & Roll. Its setting, cosy lighting, and design provide a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Additionally, it’s one of the few Western pubs in Hongdae where the music isn’t played at deafening volumes.

It’s a great idea to invite any group of friends to this bar. Western bars typically have a much more relaxed atmosphere that encourages mixing, but Korean bars typically require you to drink at your own assigned table. Who wouldn’t want their own space to down their luggage and coat? Both options have merits. At the same time, I want to socialise and meet new people around half the time I’m out.

For those who don’t want to sit still, it’s equally easy to start a game of pocketball, play darts, or hang out at the bar. There are plenty of table seating options, making it simple to choose your own area (unless it’s packed, as it frequently is on weekends).

This pub is located immediately adjacent to a row of hongdae bars and clubs that welcome foreigners, like Gogos, Club FF, SKA2, etc. Step back in here for a pick-me-up or discussion when the loudness from the clubs is destroying your eardrums. Don’t forget to buy a kebab from the man standing outside before leaving. Both the guy and his kebabs are great!

Considered to be the best bar in Hongdae, the Mac & Cheese Burger is highly recommended by staff and patrons alike.

Directions: 15 Wausan-ro 17-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Hongdae is without a doubt the most lively area for nightlife in Seoul. In addition to being the nexus of Seoul’s underground party scene, the neighbourhood is home to a number of drinking dens that offer a more low-key and refined drinking experience. Found somewhere that can make the ‘best bars in Hongdae list? Let us know.

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James Yeong

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