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What Are The Best Bars and Pubs In Daejeon 2024

For a city of its size, Daejeon has a lively nightlife and many of the drinking joints form the list of the best bars in Daejeon. Yuseong, Dunsan-dong (the “new” downtown), the historic downtown area, and Gung-dong near Chungnam University are the most popular neighbourhoods.

With a population of around 1.5 million, Daejeon is the fifth largest city in South Korea. It is situated in the centre of Korea at the intersection of national rail and road transit networks, including the Gyeongbu railway, the Honam railway, the Gyeongbu Expressway, and the Honam Expressway.

During the Taejeon Expo ’93, which Daejeon hosted, 108 countries and 14 million visitors participated. The city has been marketed as a science and education hub centred on Daedeok Science Town, which has been renamed Daedeok Innopolis in recent years. The municipal administration of Daejeon identifies itself as a research and development hub and the cradle of Korea’s cutting-edge science industry.

Locally referred to as “Daedeok Techno Valley”, Daedeok Science Town in Yuseong-gu is home to more than 200 research institutes, including the research and development facilities of Samsung, LG, and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). This, combined with the “Daedeok Innopolis” concentration of KAIST, Chungnam National University, and government research institutes, contributes to the city’s moniker as the Silicon Valley of Korea.

Daejeon, like all Korean cities, has adopted a Konglish slogan: “It’s Daejeon.” For those who are truly interested, “it’s” is a backronym for Interesting, Tradition and Culture, Science and Technology. Yuseong Hot Springs Resort and Daecheong Dam are two of the most popular tourist destinations in the city.

A History Of Daejon

The Daejeon area was initially inhabited during the Stone Age. Various groups, including the Usul-gun of Baekje, the Bipung-gun of Silla, the Hoideok-hyeon, Yuseong-hyeon, Deokjin-hyeon, and Jinjam-hyeon, seized and used it as a crucial fighting ground. It was still inhabited by the Hoideok-hyeon and Jinjam-hyeon of Gongju Mokha throughout the Joseon Kingdom era. With the exception of a few portions that belonged to Gongju-gun, the most of the region was added to Hoideok-gun and Jinjam-gun in 1895.

During the Joseon Dynasty, the region around Daejeon was referred to as Hanbat, a native Korean phrase meaning “great field.” In Hanja, “Daejeon” simply means the same thing. Daejeon was sometimes referred as as Kung-tsiou in English throughout the 19th century.

Daejeon was once a little community with few inhabitants. However, the Gyeongbu Railway started running from Seoul to Busan in 1905 and opened a stop at Daejeon. The Honam Railway was constructed between Mokpo and Daejeon in 1926 while Japan was ruled by the Japanese government, turning the latter into a significant traffic centre. Daejeon expanded swiftly due to its position and ease of access to transportation.

As railways were built while Japan was in control, an atmosphere that was favourable to the Japanese was formed, and many Japanese took advantage of the chance to settle in Daejeon. The 4,350 people living in Daejeon at the time, or 58% of the total population, were Japanese. 8,861 persons made up 56% of the population of Daejeon in 1925. Daejeon was hence one of the cities having a significant Japanese cultural impact.

The Korean government started shifting numerous national government functions from Seoul to Daejeon in the 1980s, and the Daejeon Government Complex finally opened in 1997. The Korea Customs Service, Small and Medium Business Administration, Public Procurement Service, National Statistical Office, Korean Forest Service, Cultural Heritage Administration, Korean Intellectual Property Office, Korail, Korea Water Resources Corporation, Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation, and Patent Court of Korea are currently among the national government offices located in Daejeon.

The government centre caused a significant growth in Daejeon’s population. However, many of the public institutions that had previously moved to Daejeon were moved to Sejong, and many public institutions in Seoul were also moved to Sejong, with the construction of Sejong Special Self-Governing City in 2013 for the division of capital functions and balanced local development. Large-scale development, which resulted in the building of infrastructure and massive residential complexes, started with the introduction of Sejong City. Due of Sejong’s proximity to Daejeon, residents of that city started moving there. More than 100,000 individuals had moved from Daejeon to Sejong as of July 2020.

Best Bars In Daejeon

Whether you’re looking for an amazing spot to enjoy some drinks or want to explore all that Itaewon has to offer, we have the perfect guide for you. Read on to discover a selection of the best bars in Daejeon;

The Ranch Pub

You can sample delectable craft beer after a demanding workweek. The knowledgeable staff accurately captures the look and feel of this bar. You’ll find that the calm environment is exactly what you need after a long workday.

It is definitely worthwhile to stop by this fantastic brewery and sample some of the beer on offer. This host was formerly a graduate student at Daejeon’s esteemed national science university, KAISt. In order to enjoy some very special beer and a very individualised owner and operator, please pay a visit to this location. You can view the area where the beer is brewed and sample a variety of the beers that are brewed on the premises. Very tidy and professional throughout.

Directions: 궁동로18번길, 88(궁동)더랜치펍, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea

Santa Claus

Despite its name, Daejeon’s quirky Santa Claus bar isn’t a holiday-themed establishment. Santa Claus attracts regular customers from a variety of backgrounds thanks to the traditional American bar decor, which includes wooden furniture, cosy lights, and vinyl records hanging on the wall. Everyone is welcome to visit Santa Claus, from lonely expats to local Koreans looking to improve their English while having a good time.

While smaller groups support one another at the pool tables and table football, live musicians frequently fill the air with classic rock and the newest pop. Choose Santa Claus’ famous fajitas when you’re hungry. They are also well-liked for their burgers, which some consider to be among the best in Daejeon. Watch for Santa Claus’ purportedly scheduled “Wing Night” activities for fantastic beer and wing specials and fun.  You can pick your own music when there isn’t an open mic night. They have a pool table and foosball table along with darts.

Directions: 25 Nongdae-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea


One of the best bars in Daejeon is Adonis, which has a more upscale ambiance and offers exquisite cocktails to get you through the night. The bar’s entire interior is furnished with wood, and the sophisticated maroon tones are accentuated by subdued lighting. The outcome is a setting appropriate for a more responsible and composed population.

Traveling to Daejeon just to see this is worthwhile because it is a truly hidden gem. I believe that many young bartenders visit and enjoy or study the cocktail that the owner, Mr. Kang, creates. Ask Mr. Kang how you feel or what you like: color, taste, fruits, or anything, if you are unfamiliar with hard liquor or cocktails. He’ll look for something specific for you. Similar to a prescription from a doctor

Adonis also has huge collections of spirits and liquors in addition to the cocktails. Just let the bartender know your preferences if you’re not sure what to order, and he’ll set you up with a drink that suits your tastes. In any case, among the many incredibly refreshing selections from Adonis’ extensive drink menu, try the Bohemian Rhapsody or the martini grapefruit cocktail.

Directions: South Korea, Daejeon, Jung-gu, Jungang-ro 130beon-gil, 24 3층


Popular in Daejeon for its eggs Benedict, this bar is more of a cafe than a drinking hole (although craft beers are served hence it’s inclusion in the list).

The menu is rather limited, but since everything is prepared per order, it’s for good reason. The beer selection is also excellent, so craft beer connoisseurs will be happy with their lunch here. The cuisine is less Korean and more Western, but the limited menu contains the following;

  • Omelette and salad
  • Waffles with fillings (fresh fruit, maple syrup, and ice cream)
  • Potato wedges, bacon, sausage, eggs, and baked bananas
  • Eggs Benedict

The portions are sizable and attractively prepared. Europeans should be aware that when the name “Cheddar” appears on the menu, it really refers to those rubbery cheese pieces, which will taste different if you were expecting Western cheddar.

Directions: 39, Dunsan-ro 31beon-gil, Seo-gu, Daejeon 35229 South Korea

Johnny’s Pub

Perhaps some jokes about Korean pizza have been told to you. It certainly differs from what Americans are accustomed to. Forget the inane debates over pineapple. Get ready for sweet potatoes, broccoli, and sneaky corn bits. Although it is disliked by many foreigners, I genuinely enjoy Korean pizza. Maybe not the corn, but it’s still a unique perspective.

Of course, Korea still has Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s. It’s possible to find ordinary pepperoni or cheese, but where can you find genuinely amazing pizza? Slices can be purchased, although that is not enjoyable. Because the pies are so large. They are served quickly with pepper, parmesan, and hot sauce (Tabasco). No corn is the best part.

The pizza resembles Seoul’s Monster Pizza in flavour somewhat. You’ve probably been there if you’ve ever gone clubbing in Hongdae. The cheese is superior to what you often find in Korea, and the sauce is only little too sweet.

Other than epic pizza, Johnny’s Pub also sells beer and what’s better than beer and pizza?

Directions: Dunsan 1(il)-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon, South Korea

Thursday Party

Daejeon’s Thursday Party is a well-known bar with a fun ambiance that frequently draws a happy audience of locals and tourists. As the drinks menu offers a large selection of imported alcoholic beverages to keep everyone energised and refreshed through the night, you and your friends will be spoiled for choice.

Regulars at Thursday Party frequently order chicken wings along with premium gins like Hendrick’s or Tito’s. A must-try beverage is Jinro soju, which is native to Korea. Thursday Party is a terrific option if you want to meet new people and exchange stories of your adventures in South Korea with a diverse audience while taking in the fun atmosphere.

As far as bars go, pretty nice. It is a popular hangout for foreigners to enjoy a drink, play beer pong (9 dollars per game), and listen to music. Some weekends will be crowded, while others won’t be as much. a wide variety of bottles, drinks, and beers. moderately priced. Additionally, despite being busy, the staff is very polite and speaks English.

Directions: 1100, Dunsan-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon, South Korea

We would highly recommend these bars to anyone traveling in Daejeong. The staff in all the establishments are friendly and helpful, the prices are affordable, and the atmospheres are great. The bars are often crowded on the weekends, but the crowds create a lively atmosphere that is perfect for having a drink or two with friends. Did we miss any bars in Daejeong? Let us know. Finally, be sure o check out our Best Bars In Hongdae Article.

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