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best bars in Cheongju

The Best Bars In Cheongju

Looking for the best bars in Cheongju? Cheongju is a city in South Korea known for its rich history and culture. It’s also home to a vibrant nightlife scene, with a wide variety of bars and pubs to choose from. If you’re planning a trip to Cheongju in 2023, or just looking for a new spot to grab a drink and socialize, you might be wondering where the best places are to go.

That’s where this article comes in! We’ve put together a list of the top bars and pubs in Cheongju for 2023, so you can easily find the perfect spot to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a cozy atmosphere, a wide selection of drinks, or live music and sports, you’ll find it all on this list. So, read on to discover the best places to grab a drink in Cheongju in 2023!

A History Of Cheongju

Since ancient times, Cheongju has been a significant provincial centre. Ruins from the Old Stone Age to the Bronze Age have been discovered in the Cheongju Mountains, more specifically on the mountain where Sangdang Sanseong is situated. At Cheongju, settlements from the Paleolithic Era, such as the Durubong Cave Site, have also been found.

Because the Silla civilization was linked to the Silk Road, which introduced the Buddhist religion from Nepal through Northern China to the Korean Peninsula, after Silla’s union of the kingdoms in 676, many areas of Korea, including Cheongju, adopted Buddhism. A number of Buddhist-related monuments were built during the Goryeo era under the rule of Gwangjong, including Cheol Danggan, which was constructed in 962 in the city’s centre close to the ruins of Yongdu Temple. Cheol Danggan serves as a flagpole on which to fly the Dang flag, which is raised to honour Buddha. In 1962, the South Korean government added Cheol Danggan to its list of National Treasures. The Cheongju region started making Confucianism its primary religion during the Chosen era.

Throughout Cheongju’s history, various temples have been built during various eras of the Korean peninsula’s history, including the Buddhist Yonghwasa Temple from the Goryeo period and the Bulguksa Temple built in the eighth century during the Silla Dynasty. One of these significant documents was printed at Heungdeok Temple during the Goryeo Dynasty, specifically in the year 1377, and was one of the first books to be printed in Korea. Cheongju temples were the first places where such advancements in Korean printing, such as book printing, were established.

In 1896, Cheongju City saw the establishment of one of the earliest schools in North Chungcheong Province. A number of tombs were constructed surrounding the city during the Baekje Dynasty, in addition to forts constructed during the Joseon Dynasty, like Sangdangsanseong, which used to link the northern and southern provinces following the Japanese invasion of 1592.

More than 8,000 Korean warrior monks took part in the Battle of Cheongju in 1593 between Japanese forces and the Joseon government, which at the time governed the Korean peninsula during Hideyoshi’s Invasions of Korea.

In 1908, the provincial government moved here from Chungju. The Chungbuk-completion line’s in 1926 encouraged local development. Cheongju and Cheongwon-gun were divided in 1946, and in 1949, Cheongju was elevated to the status of a city. The split of the administrative dong and their transfer to Cheongwon-gun followed, and two branch offices (East and West) were established in July 1989 and promoted to Sangdang-gu and Heungdeok-gu in January.

Cheongju saw one of Korea’s fastest population increases, nearly doubling from 147,000 people in 1970 to 582,158 in 2000.

Best Bars In Cheongju

Whether you’re looking for a great night out or a quite meal and a few pub games, we have the recommendations for you. Read on to discover a selection of the best bars in Cheongju;


Road King is a foreigner-friendly bar that offers a great atmosphere and plenty of space to socialize. The bar is known for its selection of craft beers, which includes three types of Craftworks beer on tap and apple and pear ciders. The menu is also impressive, featuring a variety of delicious options such as burritos and chili con carne.

One of the most popular nights at Road King is Wing Night, which takes place every Wednesday. During this event, you can get a basket of 10 hot wings or garlic wings for only 7,000 won. This is a great opportunity to enjoy some delicious wings and catch up with friends.

Road King also offers entertainment on some weekends with live music. Additionally, the bar has open mic nights on Thursdays, making it a great spot for local talent to showcase their skills and for people to enjoy some live music. So, if you’re looking for a spacious, casual bar with a good atmosphere, delicious food, and a variety of drinks, Road King is definitely worth checking out.

Directions: South Korea, 서원구 사창동 421-1번지 청주시 충청북도 KR


MJs is a well-known bar in Cheongju that has gained a reputation for being a great spot for events and parties. The bar is known for its great drink prices, which are even better during the two-hour-long happy hour that takes place from 11pm to 1am. The prices are such that everyone can enjoy a great night out without breaking the bank.

One of the unique features of MJs is its rooftop terrace. This outdoor space is perfect for enjoying a drink and socializing during nice weather. The rooftop terrace also makes it an ideal spot for hosting events and parties. With its great drink prices, lively atmosphere and lovely rooftop terrace, MJs is definitely a popular spot in Cheongju to spend a night out with friends or to celebrate special occasions.

Directions: 421 Sachang-dong, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea

The Key Craft Beer Tap House

The Key Craft is a new addition to the craft beer scene in Sannam-dong, Cheongju. This pub boasts a large selection of beers, with about 19-20 taps to choose from. The majority of the beers are local and Korean craft beers, which are offered at great prices. Most pours range from 6-9,000 won, making it an affordable spot to sample different types of beer.

One of the unique features of The Key Craft is that it also offers liter cans of beer which are canned right there at the pub, making it a great option for take away for those who would like to enjoy the beer elsewhere.

The Key Craft is located behind a building that houses Yonamja and S-Fit, making it easy to find for those who are familiar with the area. It’s a great spot for beer enthusiasts looking to discover new and exciting local and Korean craft beers. With its wide selection of beers and affordable prices, The Key Craft is definitely worth checking out for anyone looking for a new spot to grab a pint in Sannam-dong.

Directions: 234-5 Sannam-dong, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea

W Factory Pub & Bar

The W Factory is a stylish wine bar that offers a sophisticated atmosphere with dim lighting and tucked away corners. The bar’s owner is a sommelier who received his training in France, which is reflected in the quality of the wine selection. The bar offers a fairly decent wine list that features a variety of different styles, from classic red and white wines to sparkling options.

The menu at The WFactory is not particularly extensive, but it does offer a selection of small plates and snacks to accompany the wine. The bar is located on the same road as CGV, near the Homeplus store. It’s the first left turn before the theater, making it easy to find for those who are familiar with the area.

The WFactory is a great spot for wine lovers looking for a more upscale experience. The classy atmosphere and knowledgeable owner make it a perfect spot for a romantic evening or a special occasion. The bar’s location and convenient hours make it a great spot to drop by after a movie or a shopping trip. If you’re looking for a cool and sophisticated wine bar in Cheongju, The WFactory is definitely worth checking out.

Directions: 상당구 사직대로362번길 46, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea


Buzz is a western-style bar located in the Chungdae neighborhood of Cheongju that has been operating since 2003. Known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, Buzz is a great spot to grab a drink and socialize with friends. The bar is especially popular on Friday and Saturday nights, when it’s packed with locals and tourists alike looking to have a good time.

One of the main draws of Buzz is its extensive cocktail menu, which features a wide variety of creative and delicious drinks. The bar is known for its unique twist on cocktails, incorporating glowsticks in drinks that add to the fun and lively atmosphere of the place.

On weekends, the bar usually features a DJ, who plays a mix of popular music to keep the party going. Dancing is also a common activity, making Buzz a great spot for those looking to let loose and have a good time. With its friendly atmosphere, great drinks and music, Buzz is a popular spot for a night out in Cheongju, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

Directions: 서원구 사창동 432번지 3층, Cheongju, South Korea, 28643

No matter what your preference, Cheongju has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a casual night out with friends or a more upscale drinking experience, these bars and pubs are sure to please. So, head out and explore the city’s vibrant nightlife scene in 2023. Did we miss anywhere? Let us know.

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