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What Breweries Are In South Korea?

Travelling South Korea|What Breweries Are In South Korea?

South Korea are renowned for their alcohol production. They have a rich history, and their beer is famous all over the world. You can find many different types of beers, and they offer a wide range of prices. It’s easy…

What Is Maesil-ju?

Travelling South Korea|What Is Maesil-ju?

Maesil–ju is a type of plum wine or plum liqueur. Maesil is regularly used in a syrup as a condiment and sugar substitute in salad dressings, all manner of marinades and sauces. It is also diluted in hot water to be…

The Best Bars In Cheongju

best bars in Cheongju

Looking for the best bars in Cheongju? Cheongju is a city in South Korea known for its rich history and culture. It’s also home to a vibrant nightlife scene, with a wide variety of bars and pubs to choose from.…

So, What Exactly Is Sansachun?

Travelling South Korea|So, What Exactly Is Sansachun?

Sansachun is a Korean rice wine flavoured with hawthornberry and cornus fruits. A flowering shrub or tree of the rose family.  Sansachun rice wine has has been enjoyed all over East Asia for centuries and has been mentioned in numerous historical…

5 Best South Korean Coffee Shops

Travelling South Korea|5 Best South Korean Coffee Shops

Many Koreans enjoy spending time at coffee shops, whether they’re working, studying, or just catching up with friends – all while sipping an extra-large cup of coffee and eating an Instagrammable dessert. As a result, cities are brimming with one-of-a-kind…

The Alcohol To Try In South Korea

Travelling South Korea|The Alcohol To Try In South Korea

The answer to this is simple – there is alot of alcohol to try in South Korea,, making a night out drinking with friends anything but dull. South Koreans, contrary to popular assumption, consume twice as much alcohol as Russians,…

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