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AK & – Hongdae’s New Shopping Mall Experience

Imagine strolling through trendy and vibrant streets, surrounded by the energetic youth of Seoul, the air filled with laughter and music, while unique art installations catch your eye. As the heart of K-fashion, food, and entertainment, Hongdae has always been the go-to place for those seeking an unforgettable experience and now, AK & Hongdae’s New Shopping Mall Experience is here!

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This ultimate lifestyle and shopping haven is set to leave everyone in awe, turning every visit into a remarkable journey. Let us take you on a tour through this thrilling fusion of style, culture, and entertainment, as we dive into the myriad of attractions this magnetic hub has to offer. So pull up your sleeves and get ready for an exciting expedition that brings a whole new meaning to retail therapy!

1. Trendy Shopping Destination in Hongdae: AK& Mall

Located in the vibrant district of Hongdae, Seoul’s AK& Mall stands out as a trendy shopping destination that offers a unique experience for young and fashionable visitors. With its refreshing air-conditioned interiors, the mall boasts 5 levels of stylish shopping, each catering to a specific interest or need.

The first floor is home to the colorful ARTBOX, a popular stationery and gift store, and Chicor, a cosmetics store featuring both domestic and international brands. The second floor presents an exciting mix of lifestyle, sports, and fashion brands, while the third floor offers streetwear and iconic brands like Nike and Champion. Shoppers can indulge in comfortable and cheap clothing at the SPAO store on the fourth floor, where they can also find the visually appealing Flowers by Naked cafe and a light-effect show/gallery called NATURE LABS.

The fifth floor caters to anime, manhwa (web comics), and video game enthusiasts, filled with exciting merchandise and memorabilia from popular Korean and Japanese cartoons and games. With a wide array of offerings from trendy streetwear to entertainment products, AK& Mall is a must-visit shopping hub for shoppers looking for the latest trends and a unique shopping experience in Hongdae.

2. Five Floors of Unique Brands

Located in the heart of Seoul, AK & Hongdae’s new shopping mall stands out among hundreds of others thanks to its vast array of trendy and unique brands, all spread across five exciting floors. With something for everyone, this vibrant shopping destination is a haven for youngsters and the young-at-heart, particularly those with a penchant for anime, streetwear, and all things cool.

Upon entering the mall, visitors are greeted by the cheerful ARTBOX on the 1st floor, which offers an assortment of cute and quirky stationery, small gifts, and accessories. Chicor, a popular cosmetic store, is also located on this floor, holding an extensive range of luxurious and essential domestic and international beauty products.

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The 2nd floor houses a lively mix of lifestyle, sports, and fashion brands with something for everyone. Here, shoppers can find anything from trendy accessories and mainstream sportswear to chic fashion options. For those who crave urban street style, the 3rd floor is where you’ll find your favorite iconic streetwear brands like Nike and Champion.

On the 4th floor, visitors can enjoy shopping at the popular SPAO store while also taking a break at the Flowers by Naked cafe adorned with beautiful floral decor. Lastly, the 5th floor is a dream come true for anime, manhwa (web comics), and video game enthusiasts where they can shop to their heart’s content, further setting the AK & Hongdae shopping mall apart from the rest.

3. Anime and Video Game Paradise on the Fifth Floor

For all the fans of anime, manhwa (web comics), and video games, the fifth floor of AK& Hongdae’s shopping mall is truly a paradise. This colorful and exciting floor marks a standout feature of the mall, captivating the hearts of both Korean and international enthusiasts. Visitors will find a wide range of models, memorabilia, and collectibles featuring beloved Korean and Japanese anime characters, cartoons, and games. Whether you’re an avid collector or simply an admirer, there’s something for everyone on offer.

But that’s not all – if you’re not in the mood for shopping, feel free to immerse yourself in the various anime character-themed cafes and spaces dedicated to relaxation and socialization. You can sip on your favorite beverage, surrounded by the vibrant and lively atmosphere of this unique floor.

In addition, the AK& shopping mall houses an extensive selection of video games catering to all tastes, including the latest releases, classic arcade games, and virtual reality experiences. No matter your gaming preferences, the mall promises to keep you entertained and engaged for hours on end. So, next time you find yourself at AK& Hongdae, make sure to venture to the fifth floor and lose yourself in the wondrous world of anime and gaming!

4. Chicor: Beauty Haven on the First Floor

Stepping onto the first floor of the trendy AK & Hongdae Mall, visitors are immediately drawn to Chicor, a beauty haven that perfectly combines essential and luxury cosmetics. As one of the renowned stores in South Korea, Chicor offers a wide range of domestic skincare and makeup products, catering to different needs and preferences. Among their popular items is the natural skincare range, a favorite amongst both locals and international shoppers.

Not only does Chicor feature the best of Korean beauty, but it also houses various international brands, making it a one-stop-shop for every beauty enthusiast. The store’s spacious and organized layout allows shoppers to explore and try out different products at ease.

However, Chicor is not the only attraction on the first floor. Opposite the beauty store is the much-loved ARTBOX, known for its adorable stationery, small gifts, and accessories. In summer, it’s a must-visit to stock up on cute fans, cooling bags, and beach toys. Moreover, the floor hosts rotating exhibitions, such as the JejuAir On The Table limited edition cafe, which provides a unique dining experience inspired by JejuAir flights.

With a combination of beauty, stationery, unique exhibits, and tax-free shopping services, the first floor of AK & Hongdae Mall offers a truly unforgettable shopping experience for all its visitors. 

5. Naring9: Online Brand Stationed on the Second Floor

Located on the second floor of AK & Hongdae’s trendy new shopping mall, Naring9 is a popular online brand now situated in a prime location. This spacious and welcoming store appeals to young shoppers, with its wide range of chic and stylish products. Featuring an array of items such as fashionable clothing, accessories, and unique home décor pieces, Naring9 caters to those seeking trendy and affordable items to give their wardrobe and living space a fresh update.

As an online brand that successfully transitioned into a physical store, Naring9 continues to bring the charm and convenience of online shopping to its customers. The store is meticulously designed with eye-catching displays, offering a delightful shopping experience that will have customers coming back for more.

The second floor of the shopping mall is dedicated to lifestyle, sports, and fashion. Surrounded by various exhibition shops selling cute gifts, art, and accessories, Naring9 fits in seamlessly with its surroundings. Visitors can also find flower shops, popular fashion brands, and sportswear just steps away.

For a truly unique shopping experience, make sure to stop by Naring9 during your visit to AK & Hongdae’s new shopping mall. Its excellent selection and pleasant atmosphere will not only satisfy your shopping needs but create a memorable experience that is hard to find elsewhere.

6. Flying Tiger: High-Quality, Low-Price Danish Brand

If you’re looking for a unique, affordable, and fun shopping experience, look no further than the Danish brand Flying Tiger. With over 400 stores worldwide, this high-quality yet low-priced gem is now making its mark in the United States and has already opened its first store in New York City’s Flatiron District. Here, shoppers can find an eclectic mix of home goods, gifts, toys, and miscellaneous items, all priced within the $5-15 range.

The vibrant and modern style of Flying Tiger is reminiscent of Muji’s flamboyant younger sister or a fusion of Urban Outfitters and Target’s Dollar Spot. The store features a range of products with a kitschy fun quality, making it an ideal destination for those starting out in their first home or anyone looking for a unique and budget-friendly gift. From kitchen knives and picture frames to storage baskets and candles, Flying Tiger provides a whimsical shopping experience that doesn’t break the bank.

Currently operating in 26 countries worldwide, it is expected that the New York City location is just the beginning of Flying Tiger’s expansion into the U.S. market. While they do not sell online, customers can visit their website to get a glimpse of the fantastic products that await them in-store.

7. Crayon Shin-chan Kindergarten Director: Must-See Photo Op

Crayon Shin-chan, a beloved Japanese manga and anime character, has found a home in AK & Hongdae’s new shopping mall. This enjoyable destination has become a must-visit spot for fans of the mischievous little boy, and a must-see photo op with the Crayon Shin-chan Kindergarten Director awaits you.

Located on the fourth floor of the mall, right in front of the popular SPAO store, visitors will find a delightful scene featuring the well-known kindergarten director driving his iconic kindergarten car. This playful and colorful setup brings back childhood memories for many, and it’s a great spot to snap a fun photo to share with your friends and family.

As you explore the rest of the mall, you’ll discover a wide variety of shops and cafes that cater to a range of interests. From fashion and sportswear to anime memorabilia and delicious dining options, there’s something for everyone at AK & Hongdae. After capturing your memorable Crayon Shin-chan photo, don’t forget to check out the other floors for unique brands, trendy street fashion, and the fantastic Flower Cafe Exhibition on the 4th floor.

So, whether you’re a fan of Crayon Shin-chan or just looking for a vibrant and lively shopping experience, make sure to add AK & Hongdae’s new shopping mall to your must-visit list when you’re in South Korea. And, of course, don’t miss your chance to take a picture with the unforgettable Crayon Shin-chan Kindergarten Director and his cute kindergarten car!

8. Thai Restaurant GATE9: Food Court Highlight

If shopping works up an appetite, the 5th floor of AK & Hongdae’s new shopping mall has just the place for you to indulge in some delicious Thai cuisine: GATE9. This Thai restaurant, located within the food court, is a notable highlight that attracts food lovers from all corners of the city. With its vibrant and inviting atmosphere, GATE9 offers an authentic culinary experience that is unrivaled by many other restaurants in the area.

At GATE9, you can enjoy a wide range of Thai delicacies prepared by skilled chefs who use only the freshest ingredients. From the famous Tom Yum soup to the mouthwatering Pad Thai, each dish is bursting with flavor and guaranteed to leave you craving more. Whether you’re a Thai food connoisseur or new to this exotic cuisine, GATE9 has something to suit everyone’s taste buds.

The food court itself offers ample seating and a comfortable space to enjoy your meal, making it the perfect pit stop during your shopping escapade. Prices at GATE9 are also quite reasonable, ensuring that you can indulge without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, if you’re visiting the trendy AK & Hongdae shopping mall and want to experience some authentic Thai cuisine, be sure to check out GATE9. Your taste buds will certainly thank you!

9. Basilur: Sri Lanka’s Famous Tea Brand

A delightful treat for tea connoisseurs and enthusiasts worldwide, Basilur Tea is Sri Lanka’s most renowned tea brand, offering an exquisite selection of Ceylon tea blends. Ceylon tea, originating from the island nation of Sri Lanka, is famous for its diverse flavors and premium quality, thanks to the country’s unique climatic conditions, soil, sun, and plant varietals. Basilur takes pride in its hand-plucked tea leaves, sourced from the finest tea estates in Sri Lanka, ensuring a rich, fresh, and aromatic tea experience for its customers.

The Basilur Spring Collection celebrates the arrival of a new tea year, featuring the first-of-the-season teas, vibrant in color and sweet in flavor. This collection has something for everyone, with a diverse range of premium Ceylon teas specifically curated to provide the perfect blend of springtime freshness. In addition, the company’s research and development team continuously works to create innovative tea blends, ensuring an assortment of flavors inspired by various cultures around the world.

As a family-run business, Basilur focuses on building close relationships with its customers, keeping them updated with the latest products, tea-brewing tips, and exclusive discounts. By joining the Basilur mailing list, customers can enjoy early access to new releases and special promotions. With its artistic packaging designs and exceptional tea quality, Basilur transcends the ordinary, offering not just tea, but an experience to cherish and share with loved ones. 

10. A Must-Visit for Anime Lovers and Young People in Korea

AK & Hongdae’s New Shopping Mall is a haven for young people and anime lovers in South Korea. This trendy mall features a wide variety of unique brands, streetwear, and cosmetics, attracting many local and international visitors. With its vibrant atmosphere, the mall is an ideal spot for shopping, dining, and spending quality time with friends and family.

The most exciting part of the shopping mall, especially for anime enthusiasts, is the entire fifth floor. This floor is dedicated to anime, manhwa (web comics), and video games. Here, fans can purchase memorabilia, figurines, and other items related to their favorite Korean and Japanese cartoons and games, making it a true paradise for anime and subculture aficionados.

Aside from animated merchandise, the mall also offers temporary exhibition shops that sell adorable gifts, art, and accessories. These pop-up stores are perennially popular, garnering long queues and attracting many customers. Fashionistas will also appreciate the wide range of clothing brands and sportswear available on the mall’s other floors.

In conclusion, AK & Hongdae’s New Shopping Mall is a must-visit destination for anime lovers and young people in Korea. Its trendy atmosphere and wide range of offerings make it an ideal spot to escape the summer heat and indulge in all things anime and pop culture.

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