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Is Seoul Expensive To Visit?

Is Seoul Expensive To Visit?

South Korea has been one of the most talked-about tourist destinations for a couple of years now. Seoul, the capital city, is the vibrant center of Korean culture, technology, and commerce. The city attracts millions of visitors every year, and if you are planning a trip, the question that lingers in your mind is how much it will cost you. We know that every traveler has a budget, and it is essential to have a good idea of the expenses involved before visiting a city. South Korea is famed for its high-tech advancements, unique and delicious cuisine, and its rich history.

With that reputation, it is common to wonder how expensive it is to visit Seoul and what the daily expenses might be. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the cost of visiting Seoul, so you have a better idea of what to expect and how to budget your trip accordingly. We will be breaking down costs for various aspects of the trip, including accommodation, food, transportation, activities, and more.


The cost of airfare to Seoul is cheaper than buying a new pair of shoes! No joke. With a little bit of research and planning, you can find dirt-cheap airfare to South Korea’s vibrant capital city, without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

And let’s be real, isn’t exploring the bustling streets of Seoul worth more than a pair of shoes that will probably just sit in your closet anyway? So, don’t let the fear of cost dissuade you from experiencing all that this exciting city has to offer.

Get those plane tickets and start planning your Korean adventure today! A quick flight search shows a flight to Seoul from London Heathrow at £843 – not too bad, for a transnational flight.


Fear not, my budget-conscious friends, for Seoul offers many accommodations that won’t drain your wallet. In fact, you can even sleep on the streets if you’re feeling extra adventurous (although we wouldn’t recommend it).

But seriously, there are plenty of hostels and guesthouses where you can bunk down for the night without breaking the bank. And if you’re really on a shoestring budget, try couchsurfing! Just make sure your host isn’t a serial killer before committing to the couch.

Eating out

Your wallet might not thank you for choosing this city as your next destination – eating out, in particular, can be quite costly. And don’t even think about ordering a simple bowl of rice, unless you want to watch your budget cry itself to sleep at night.

Seriously, you might need to sell a kidney just to afford it. Sure, you could always try to cook your own meals, but who wants to do that on vacation? So, be prepared to spend some serious dough if you want to indulge in the incredible Korean cuisine that Seoul has to offer. Or just stick to the free samples at the local grocery store.


Taking a taxi is like playing the lottery – you never know what you’re going to get! Will you be lucky and get a driver who knows exactly where you want to go, or will you end up in some remote part of the city, hopelessly lost and confused?

Sure, there are navigation apps, but they’re not always accurate. And don’t even get me started on the infamous Seoul traffic – it’s like a game of chicken out there. But hey, at least it’s never boring. Just sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride – or should I say, the rollercoaster of emotions. Is that priceless experience worth the hefty taxi fare? It’s up to you to decide, my friend.


Shopping in Seoul can be a real wallet-blackhole if you’re not careful. Unless you have an entire bank account to spend, you should probably stay away from the malls. And if you do decide to hit the shops, be prepared to empty out a sweatshop’s worth of wages. But don’t worry, you can always find some affordable and unique souvenirs in the many street markets around the city. Just be ready to haggle with the vendors, and maybe bring a spray bottle to cool yourself down when negotiations get heated.


Sadly, admiring the beautiful views of this city won’t be free either. That’s right, dear traveler, even simply sightseeing will cost you a pretty penny. So if you thought strolling around the city and taking in the sights would be a nice and cheap form of entertainment, think again!

Apparently, the majestic views from the top of Namsan Tower, one of the city’s most famous landmarks, comes at a steep price. But hey, at least it’s not as expensive as handing over your wallet to a group of playful raccoons in the city’s parks!


If you’re willing to get a little creative with your entertainment options, you might be surprised at how much fun you can have without shelling out big bucks.

For example, why not buy a ticket to an off-Broadway show and pretend that it’s a real one?! Sure, you might not recognize any of the actors or understand what they’re saying, but isn’t that all part of the fun? And who knows, you might just discover the next big thing in theater. Plus, you’ll have a great story to tell all your friends back home about how you scored a primo seat for a steal.

So, is Seoul expensive? Depends on your definition of “expensive.” But with a little imagination and a sense of humour, you can have the time of your life without breaking the bank.


This depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re into collecting souvenirs, then you might be surprised to know that a picture of the city can be just as good as a souvenir. Seriously, why drop your hard-earned cash on overpriced items from tourist shops when you can snap a picture and call it a day?

Plus, who really needs another fridge magnet with “I ❤️ Seoul” printed on it? Take a picture, print it out, and boom – you’ve got yourself a lasting memory that doesn’t take up any space in your suitcase. So, is Seoul expensive? It’s all about perspective, my friends.


Activities in Seoul can quickly drain your wallet. Unless you want to break the bank, it’s better to skip the gold-encrusted karaoke rooms and opt for some of the more affordable options, like exploring the city’s many markets or taking a peaceful stroll in one of its beautiful gardens.

You may be tempted to go all out and try everything Seoul has to offer, but trust us, your bank account will thank you if you stick to the simpler pleasures. Besides, who needs a fancy, high-end spa treatment when you can simply douse yourself in a refreshing waterfall and call it a day?

In conclusion, Seoul can be expensive to visit, especially when it comes to accommodation and dining in certain areas. However, with careful planning and research, it is possible to find affordable options for transportation, attractions, and food.

Additionally, there are plenty of free or low-cost activities, such as visiting temples or walking through parks, that can make a trip to Seoul enjoyable without breaking the bank. Ultimately, the cost of a trip to Seoul depends on one’s travel style and budget, and with the right approach, a trip to this fascinating city can be both affordable and unforgettable.

James Yeong
James Yeong

Once a quaint dweller of the English countryside, James is now a vibrant voice narrating his adventures in the bustling heart of South Korea. Since relocating to Seoul in 2019, James has immersed himself in the dynamic tapestry of Korean culture, from the serene temples tucked away in mountainous terrains to the neon-lit streets of modern cities.

This blog has become a haven for those seeking an outsider's yet intimate perspective on South Korea, often shedding light on hidden gems and local favourites rather than just the typical tourist hotspots. With a keen eye for detail and a writing style dripping with wit and warmth, James has managed to amass a devoted readership from all corners of the globe.

Whether you're planning a trip to the Seoul, the surrounding cities or just vicariously traveling from the comfort of your couch, Jame's tales of exploration and discovery are sure to ignite a passion for the Land of the Morning Calm.

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