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Yecheon Brewery Sues Singer Young-Tak

Yecheon Brewery Sues Singer Young-Tak

On the 19th, Yecheon Brewery said in a press release that it had sued singer Young-tak and his mother on charges of fraud and false accusation.

This is so that Yecheon Brewery could respond by filing a criminal charge against Yeong-“Gap-jil” tak’s after the police opted not to appeal against Yeong-lawsuit tak’s against the brewery. However, Young-side tak’s also doesn’t appear to be giving up, as their legal dispute is still going strong a year later.

Yecheon Brewery reported Yeong-tak, his mother Lee, and his agency as the subject of a complaint to the Yeongdeungpo Police Station in Seoul on January 19th, he said.

Yecheon Brewery specifically stated, “We have reported massive damage, such as the loss of the company’s honour, a sharp decline in sales, and the closure of more than 100 agencies across the country due to the excessive greed and false media play of trot singer Yeong-tak, who was an advertising model, and his mother. I have had patience,” he continued.

Additionally, “Yecheon Brewery has decided to move through with criminal prosecution for crimes such as obstruction. We have also decided to sue Yeong Tak, Young Tak’s mother, and the representative of the agency on accusations of false accusation in order to actively deal with this problem.”

“We hope that it will be made known how a company that has followed a single route for more than 30 years to promote traditional liquor manufacture collapsed because of the influence of Young Tak’s hat,” a representative from Yecheon Brewery said. For the benefit of those people, I was compelled to launch a case at the corporate level,” he repeatedly explained.

Young-side tak’s responded by announcing the results of the prosecution’s new probe.

The same day’s afternoon, Young Tak’s agency, Milagro, said that “On the 11th, I received a call from the prosecution saying the re-investigation of Yecheon Brewery’s attempted blackmail was begun.” The existence of the request has been verified.

According to the police complaint, Yecheon Brewery is still culpable despite the current circumstances. Yecheon Brewery’s threats and defamation of Yeong Tak pose a severe issue. I’ll make it abundantly apparent to the audience and the supporters that it is ludicrous.

The Yecheon Brewery allegedly told a third party that it produced a malicious press release in time for the first broadcast day of Young-new tak’s broadcast programme in order to persuade Milagro to agree to a trademark agreement, according to what Milagro also claimed.

He claimed that Yecheon Brewery is influencing public opinion: “I did not respond because I wanted the truth to be revealed through it.”

Milagro also stated that it “plans to deploy its artist Young-tak to deal with the Yecheon brewery side’s acts, such as the distribution of malicious press releases, spreading of false information, and manipulating fan sentiment till the end.” We’ll observe and react coolly.

Before, Young Tak gained popularity for singing Gangjin’s “A Cup of Makgeolli” on TV Chosun’s “Mr. Trot.” However, Yecheon Brewery claimed that Young Tak had requested a ransom of 15 billion won for three years while announcing the termination of the advertising model contract, stirring up controversy. In response, a dispute over advertising expenses and associated trademark rights arose between Yeong-tak and Yecheon Brewery.

Young-mother tak’s requested a handwritten memo, which MBC’s “True Story Exploration Team” released to Yecheon Brewery. The released letter and contract indicated that a “10% interest in Yecheon Brewery” and “15% of the factory price of all items manufactured and sold by Yecheon Brewery other than the Youngtak brand” were specified.

Young Tak, however, named a lawyer and disputed the assertion as untrue. Later, in September of the same year, Chairman Baek and others were accused of defamation by spreading false information and attempted blackmail after Young-agency tak’s filed a criminal complaint against them. Following this, the police decided against appealing and launched an investigation into the defendant, Chairman Baek, and other company officials, including Young-tak and Young-mother. tak’s

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