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Top Korean Models In 2023

The Top Korean Models In 2024

Korean female models have been making waves in the fashion and beauty industries for years, and the next generation of talent is sure to make an even bigger impact. 2023 is set to be an exciting year for the top Korean models and fans alike, with some of the hottest new faces in town.

From up-and-coming stars to established veterans, we’ve rounded up the best Korean female models of 2023. With these models representing both the traditional and modern fashion scenes, we’re sure to see a range of styles and looks that will inspire the fashion world and beyond. We’ll be shining a light on each of these talented models, so get ready to discover the stars of 2023!

Lee Sang-Bi

Lee Sang Bi is a South Korean model that has become a sensation in the fashion world. Her unique look and striking features have made her one of the most sought-after models in the industry. Her portfolio is filled with prestigious campaigns and editorials and her presence on the runway is always a delight.

She has been featured in top publications in Korea and internationally, and is currently making a name for herself in the world of fashion. Her career is on the rise and she is sure to be one of the top Korean female models of 2023.

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Jennie Kim

South Korean singer and rapper Jennie Kim goes by the name Jennie. Born and raised in South Korea, spent five years in New Zeland to study before returning to South Korea in 2010. In August 2016, she made her debut as a member of the YG Entertainment girl group Blackpink.

Jennie released her first song as a solo artist, “Solo,” in November 2018. The song was a commercial hit, topping the Gaon Digital Chart and the World Digital Songs chart on Billboard. Under the stage name Jennie Ruby Jane, she will make her acting debut in the 2023 season of the HBO series The Idol.

Lee Hanui

Lee Hanee, best known as the celebrated Korean actress Honey Lee, has announced that she is expecting her first child and will be taking a vacation from acting this year. The joyful news was announced only a few months after her shocking wedding to an office worker at the end of last year stunned viewers. How well do you know the multi-hyphenate talent? Lee is obviously a genius at keeping her private life just that.

After winning the title of Miss Korea in 2006, Lee wowed the global audience and her supporters at the famous Miss Universe pageant in 2007 with her unique beauty, positive outlook, and self-assurance. Although she placed third in the competition, she went on to become the first Korean beauty to win the Miss Grand Slam crown.

Lee entered the intensely competitive K-biz as a musician and actor, capitalising on her enormous celebrity and media attention to gradually demonstrate that she is not just charming but also incredibly accomplished.

Kim Bo Ra

The body double for prominent female stars, model Kim Bo Ra, has been drawing notice. The 32-year-old female model recently shared a picture of herself on Instagram wearing a white dress while also showcasing her stunning body line and a radiant grin in front of the setting light.

In the past, Kim Bo Ra also shared numerous images of her flawless body. Since her modelling debut in 2013 and after she acted as the body duplicate for several female superstars, she has racked up over 1 million Instagram followers.

In 2016, Kim Bora took part in the SBS Plus TV programme “Super Model Contest,” where she attracted a lot of attention for her elegant appearance and Korean bikini model figure. The model is currently busy working on numerous commercials and photo assignments to establish her name independently of body duplicate employment.

Sewhee Cho

Sewhee has won numerous accolades, even though she might not have as many fans as other Korean models. She was crowned Miss Korea in 2014, received the title of Miss Asia Representing Korea in 2015, and was crowned Miss Universe Korea in 2017. 98.7 individuals follow Sewhee. She enjoys both golf and cycling.

26-year-old Cho Se-Whee is a South Korean who is 171 cm tall. She is a South Korean model by trade and comes from the region of Gyeonggi. On her social media accounts, she posted a nice statement that read, “Maybe I could not achieve anything on my own! During the one year of preparation, I did everything I could to raise my level, and I have no regrets. I am aware of my weaknesses and how I can fill them. It is advantageous. I’ll put everything else aside, trust God, and enter the Miss Universe competition!

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