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REAL Midnight Diners In Seoul

REAL Midnight Diners In Seoul

By now, we’re all aware of the Japanese Netflix series Midnight Diner right?

When people finish their day and hurry home, my day starts. My diner is open from midnight to seven in the morning. They call it “Midnight Diner”. That’s all I have on my menu. But I make whatever customers request as long as I have the ingredients for it. That’s my policy. Do I even have customers? More than you would expect.


Midnight diners in Seoul or kitchens, known as “Simya Sikdang “, are also open all night for clients who wish to dine in a peaceful and intimate setting. These restaurants typically remain open and serve Korean fusion cuisine till 2:00 am until 5:00 am. You can also have a variety of beverages with your meal. They are not only restaurants that satisfy people’s appetite, but also havens for their weary souls.

Bbal Ttae 빨때

REAL Midnight Diners In Seoul

“Bbal Ttae” in Sinsadong makes you feel at home from the moment you enter its quaint, inviting lobby. The restaurant is run by a young female chef who creates dishes with her own unique flavour, and she is extremely generous with her quantities. “Bbal Ttae” has numerous regular clients and is already well-known among locals. Visit “Bbal Ttae,” and you’ll become a fan as well!

Kims Midnight Kitchen

REAL Midnight Diners In Seoul

Sansudong’s “Kim’s Kitchen” is modelled after a restaurant from the Japanese manga Midnight Kitchen. It serves simple, tasty Japanese cuisine as well as drinks to accompany them for late-night diners and lone diners. “Kim’s Kitchen” is not only a late-night eatery that satisfies hunger, but also a sanctuary where one’s soul can find relief from stress.

Sonyeon Sanghwae

REAL Midnight Diners In Seoul

“Sonyeon Sanghwae” is a modest restaurant located in the apartment district of Jayangdong that is open till late at night. There are just two tables, with the remainder of the guests seated at the kitchen bar and able to observe the chef at work.

The proprietor, a former Italian restaurant chef, decided to create his own business, beginning with a mobile bar that gained popularity and allowed him to open a modest restaurant.

From fusion relishes and soju to beer, soju cocktails, and shangria, “Sonyeon Sanghwae” offers a range of meals and beverages.

If you’re hungry for a late-night snack in Seoul, it’s best not to skip these culinary destinations.

James Yeong
James Yeong

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