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Tuscan Chianti Red Wine In Seoul

Tuscan Chianti Red Wine In Seoul

The 2022 Chianti lovers Asian Tour was hosted at the Grand Hyatt Seoul on Tuesday, bringing together Italian and Korean wine specialists.

Representatives from fourteen distinct vineyards presented their masterpieces to domestic wine importers and restaurant owners.

The wine tasting and trading event, hosted by Wine, a South Korean wine portal founded in 1998, centered on Chianti, an Italian wine made in central Tuscany.

Participants visiting each winery’s booth began by tasting a simple Chianti, then moved on to Chianti Riserva, and lastly to Chianti Classico.

“We want to make our Chianti shorter in the bottle and longer in the barrel,” said Piandaccoli Winery’s sales manager Raffaele Anzuoni.

Anzuoni encouraged inexperienced wine aficionados to select wines released in 2015 or 2016. “The two years were characterised by very dry and sunny weather in Italy and the majority of European regions.” They are almost always of acceptable quality.”

The 2015 Cosmus Chianti Riserva from Piandaccoli was layered and complex. Red plums, blackberries, and other berries contributed a balanced blend of spiciness and sweetness. The finish was leathery and bitter, and it lingered on the palate for a considerable amount of time.

Several popular booths had bottles with a black rooster on a gold backdrop. The “Gallo Nero,” which originated in the League of Chianti in the 13th century, is now the symbol for Chianti Classico wines.

On the top of the bottle of premium Chianti wines is a DOCG (Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin) label. In accordance with Italian wine law, the DOCG is the highest quality certification for Italian wines.

In addition to Chianti, Grignano Winery released the two-month-old Truffle Gin from Truffle Italia. “We are proud to be introducing our truffle gin to Korea, along with canned truffle popcorn that is a steady selling snack for Italians.” Tommaso Inghirami, the business director of Grignano Winery, stated.

According to Inghirami, the gin option is a noticeable trend among Italian celebrities due to the stylish label designs.

With a combination of truffle, basil, lime, apple, and other plants and fruits grown and made exclusively in Italy, the gin has an earthy and delicious flavor.

James Yeong
James Yeong

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