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Cheap Things You Can Get In South Korea

It’s the best time to be in South Korea! The prices for goods and services are unbeatable, and the city is always growing. It’s also a great place to start your business – there are no restrictions on where you can set up shop. Just make sure your business is legal in South Korea, and that you have the permits needed to operate.

However, the cost of living and consumer prices in Korea have increased, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find a decent deal on some things. Here are three things you can get in South Korea that are pretty cheap in my personal opinion;


In Korea, medical tourism is a flourishing sector. Numerous individuals are compelled to travel abroad for medical care due to the exorbitant expense of medical care services worldwide. Korea is a leading destination for medical tourism, particularly for plastic surgery, due to its mix of inexpensive prices and high-quality doctors.

Some websites offer two-week medical vacation packages with airfare and accommodations included. The sole inexpensive medical service in Korea is major surgery, but routine checks and procedures are also less expensive than in many other countries.

Dental work like fillings or veneers are also much cheaper in South Korea. If you are interested in this, be sure to make appointments at large hospitals with English-speaking physicians. Smaller practises frequently employ just Korean-speaking personnel.

Here are some price comparisons:

ProcedureCost In United Kingdom (No NHS)Cost In South Korea
X Ray £100£16
Dental Veneers£1000£600

Tailored Suits

A suit customised to your precise specifications might make you feel wealthy. Fortunately, it won’t cost that much in Korea. Depending on the tailor and material, custom-tailored suits in Korea begin at roughly 200,000 won (less than £160 GBP), on average. You can even create an entire ensemble with a custom-tailored shirt and vest. The value of the clothes is commensurate with their quality.

The duration of the treatment can range from one to two weeks. If you are only in Korea for a short time, inform your tailor that you are pressed for time. Most will attempt to accommodate your schedule. Although there are other sites in Korea that offer custom tailoring, Itaewon is renowned for its English-speaking tailors.

Glasses with Prescription and Frames

In your own nation, is an eye test, glasses, and prescription lenses available for less than $100? There are numerous optical stores in Korea that sell glasses at low prices. Go to for a huge concentration of these stores where you may compare pricing and frames (Namedaemun Market). The majority will speak Japanese and some English, and they can complete all tasks in under an hour.

receive what you pay for. The quality of cheaper frames is inferior, whereas brand names are more expensive.
If you have poor eyesight or astigmatism and require stronger prescriptions, lens fabrication will take slightly longer.

Though South Korea may be one of the most expensive countries to visit and work in, there are bargains to be had in certain areas of life. Let us know of any more you find.

James Yeong
James Yeong

Once a quaint dweller of the English countryside, James is now a vibrant voice narrating his adventures in the bustling heart of South Korea. Since relocating to Seoul in 2019, James has immersed himself in the dynamic tapestry of Korean culture, from the serene temples tucked away in mountainous terrains to the neon-lit streets of modern cities.

This blog has become a haven for those seeking an outsider's yet intimate perspective on South Korea, often shedding light on hidden gems and local favourites rather than just the typical tourist hotspots. With a keen eye for detail and a writing style dripping with wit and warmth, James has managed to amass a devoted readership from all corners of the globe.

Whether you're planning a trip to the Seoul, the surrounding cities or just vicariously traveling from the comfort of your couch, Jame's tales of exploration and discovery are sure to ignite a passion for the Land of the Morning Calm.

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