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Ahjussis ‘The New Grey’ Take TikTok By Storm

ahjussis the new grey

“Ahjussi (아저씨) means ‘middle-aged man’ or ‘married man’ in Korean. Ahjussi can be used when calling an unfamiliar grown man; it is equivalent of calling a man ‘Mister’.” Other sources also state is means “uncle” – you probably saw it…

Mountain Temples: Best Autumn Location

Travelling South Korea|Mountain Temples: Best Autumn Location

As the temperature drops, people start pulling out their heavy jackets from the back of their closets, and trees all over the place start to dress in their vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds for the season. Since Korea’s fall seems…

Intercity Nature And Greenery In South Korea

Travelling South Korea|Intercity Nature And Greenery In South Korea

There are many advantages to visiting botanical gardens, and fortunately, Korea is one of those countries that are very active and interested in establishing such nature gardens. They can promote wellness and make you feel healthier as a resul. Korean…

Tuscan Chianti Red Wine In Seoul

Travelling South Korea|Tuscan Chianti Red Wine In Seoul

The 2022 Chianti lovers Asian Tour was hosted at the Grand Hyatt Seoul on Tuesday, bringing together Italian and Korean wine specialists. Representatives from fourteen distinct vineyards presented their masterpieces to domestic wine importers and restaurant owners. The wine tasting…

Nutrient Dense Food: A Requirement In Korea

Travelling South Korea|Nutrient Dense Food: A Requirement In Korea

During the intense Summer heat, Koreans seek out boyangsik, nutrient-dense meals, to replenish their energy for the dog days of summer. On the three hottest days, long queues form at popular samgyetang eateries, and it is not uncommon for many…

Italian Espresso Causes Waves With Koreans 

Travelling South Korea|Italian Espresso Causes Waves With Koreans 

On Thursday about 11:00 a.m. in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, a group of caffeine addicts sipped on their coffee from little white cups. The location had another significant distinction from the numerous coffee shops that can be found on Seoul’s streets, aside…

Yecheon Brewery Sues Singer Young-Tak

Travelling South Korea|Yecheon Brewery Sues Singer Young-Tak

On the 19th, Yecheon Brewery said in a press release that it had sued singer Young-tak and his mother on charges of fraud and false accusation. This is so that Yecheon Brewery could respond by filing a criminal charge against…

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