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Travelling South Korea|5 Best South Korean Coffee Shops

5 Best South Korean Coffee Shops

Many Koreans enjoy spending time at coffee shops, whether they’re working, studying, or just catching up with friends – all while sipping an extra-large cup of coffee and eating an Instagrammable dessert. As a result, cities are brimming with one-of-a-kind coffee shops, including some of the best in Seoul. Are you in Seoul and looking for a place to relax? Here is a list of Seoul’s top 4 coffee destinations


Let’s start with one of the most well-known, Seoulism, a coffee shop in Jamsil’s Lotte Tower. It should go without saying that the vista is breathtaking.

The restaurant also features a “photo zone” terrace for customers who want to be photographed next to the massive “SEOUL” sign with the Lotte Tower as a backdrop.

Some may identify this as a new trendy ‘espresso bar‘, but it’s closer to a traditional stand alone coffee shop you’d encounter in Camden high street.

Poop Cafe

Insa-dong’s renowned for its weirdness. The street is lined with coffee shops, some of which are more typical in style and others which are more odd. The Poop Cafe, for example, serves drinks in toilet-shaped cups and has photos and “poop”-shaped pillows on the walls.

It is great for having a short rest while touring the city because it is located in a very touristy region.

Meerkat Cafe

While we’re on the subject of weird coffee shops, we have to talk about the Meerkat Café – yep, you read it correctly, it’s a café with meerkats. Animal cafes are highly popular in Korea, and in addition to the usual cats and dogs, there are also rabbits, lambs, and, as previously said, meerkats. Other animals can also be found in the meerkat cafes.

These types of coffees may be found in Hongdae, Myeongdong, Hyehwa, and Kondae, all of which are adjacent to Konkuk University.

Cafe One Piece

That’s right my Anime finds, if you’ve ever watched the anime One Piece, you’ve probably fantasised about sipping anything on that ship. This is something you can do in Hongdae! The ship’s exterior and interior are identical to those of The Going Merry, and you may buy more than just juice or coffee — you can even consume pastries shaped like the devil’s fruit!

Mouse Rabbit

The Mouse Rabbit Café, which is close to Konkuk University, is well-known for being run by Yesung’s mother and brother, who is a member of the boy band Super Junior. As a result, it’s a must-see for any K-pop enthusiast! It’s a hit with couples and students, and the basement is designed to look like a rabbit hole!

These are my favourite coffee places in Seoul, according to…me. If you have any other ideas, please share them with my on Instagram via the contact page.

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